Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Fun

The sun is out the kids too! Oh, what’s a parent to do? Well there are several things you can do some for FREE and others for cheap. Your local library is a great place to start, most are having a free summer reading program. If you don’t already have your free library card please run out and get one. You can check out books, movies, and they offer free classes for all age groups. Don’t forget about your local magazines and print publications. I’m in the greater Houston Area and the Katy Parent is advertising several great activities.
Summer Reading Program at the Cinco Ranch Fulshear/Simonton Library. JuanFranklin Presents Work smarter Not Harder -Dig Up A Good Book Maud Marks Branch Library Family Night Katy Library Games, crafts, music and stories for the whole family. Teen's Summer Reading Program Decoupage Maud Marks Library. Teen Art Studio Cinco Ranch Branch Library. FREE
Out On A Limb exploring the great outdoors while beating the heat inside the The Children's Museum new summer exhibit. Meet live animals daily in the EcoStation and be sure to find the traveling gnome
Cinemark Summer Movies Clubhouse 10 shows for $5 if purchased in advance or $1 per show. Junior Summer Camp $50 non-member $45 members
Don't forget it's Vacation Bible school time as well. The YMCA has great summer programs. The pool is another summer favorite. Utilize your back yard or local park. You can blow bubbles, play baseball, volleyball, soccer, golf, and other games, or read a good book. Your local craft store has an array of creative ideas. Don't sleep on Dollar Tree and 99 Cent only stores. As a teacher I frequent both. You can buy construction paper for coloring, drawing, and painting. Sidewalk chalk for art or hopscotch.
Rent movies from the Redbox pop some popcorn and have your own movie day. Wal-Mart has board games for $5 and up. Go on a nature walk/stroll. Prepare your own Popsicles or pizzas and let the kids help then enjoy them together. What ever you decide to do make it fun for the kids and have fun in the sun.
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